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• 11/18/2015

Gender Identity and Pronouns

Hey, everyone. I have recently been seeing a large quantity of users on the chat greentexting incorrect pronouns and gender uses. Although you may not like someone using the wrong pronoun for you, it's best that you do not greentext it. It is completely fine and normal to correct the person who misgendered you, but please do not greentext such. It gets annoying to the mistooken user, not to mention it gets a little spammy.

Another thing I'd like to mention as we're having this discussion; it is seen as harassment if you refuse to use someone's preferred gender/pronouns and it upsets/irritates the user. Accidents happen, but if you're constantly avoiding the use of these preferred pronouns, there's an issue. Please, it is best to do as the person wishes. Out of my own experience, being referred to as a different gender can really get to you. And, it is really rude and disrespectful if you tell them about not being really what they prefer to be and point out their sex. Pronouns and gender identities DO matter, whether you think they're great or ridiculous; so please try to use the correct pronouns, alright? It doesn't take any more time than saying the other ones do.

That is all for now. Arrivederci, amici e amice! :)

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• 11/18/2015

This thread. This thread.

Cue the non sarcastic clap, this thread.

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