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Atlas the Humanoid
• 3/12/2016

False Identification

I never thought I'd have to address this problem. However, some have been doing this all too much recently.

If you're going to make an alternate account to be a fake person, you have to tell an administrator and it has to be for serious reasons.

Why can't we have some fun?

  • False identification on the internet is serious. It shouldn't be something you claim as "fun".

What if I'm caught as another person on a different account?

  • If it's your first time, then we'll warn you.
  • If it's NOT your first time, then you will be banned for however long the admin deems necessary.

What if I just don't want to tell you that I'm this person?

  • It won't change the fact that you'll get banned if you're caught lying about who you are to everyone, especially administrators.

How many alternate accounts can I make for this?

  • The recommended amount is just one, but if you have to, then two ( maybe three ) is fine. Once again, they have to be solid, good enough reasons to be made.
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Atlas the Humanoid
• 3/14/2016

If I did try this, not saying that I would per se, but if I actually did claim to be someone else, you'd know it was me right away.

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