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• 4/7/2016


Okay, okay, okay. Since a lot of you don't know what long-messaging is, let me explain.

In a way, it is spam, but in a way, it isn't. For example, say I type the letter A for a long amount of characters in one message or I insert a paragraph into the chat; because this isn't multiple messages being sent rapidly, this isn't really seen as spam in my case. Pretty sure others will agree with me here, and if you don't, then I'm sorry.

I mean, you are allowed to use excessive caps, long-message, and scream as much as you want when there are not that many users on the chat ( 6 or less ), however, if more are on, then all of these privileges will be put away.

I know, confusing rules. Just bear with us, mates.

( P.S. Do pardon me if I sound out of it or more complicated than usual, I'm rather tired from the lack of a long slumber last night. )

The Sketch Nebula | Wall | Contribs | 16:55 4/7/2016 UTC

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• 4/10/2016

It's actually not very complicated, Sketch. It's just pretty much self explanatory, and if there are people who didn't understand the rule before, they will now. I have actually been on wiki's that had the exact same rule, though I am not a user that really spams anyway. (Except that one moment in the past, but I put that behind me.) Anyways, I'd still like to thank you for making this thread.

• 4/12/2016
Sounds like the simplified definition of a Wall. But fair enough.
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