You quickly slam the book closed, taking a deep breath in before darting to your room. You shut the door behind you and collapsed onto your bed. You didn't know he was dead until your parents decided to tell you when you were sixteen. It was a hard time to get over it, you still haven't. You really wish you could talk to him again. Just one more time.

You sigh, wondering what's going on with him now. You know he's dead but... he could be a spirit. Maybe he's guarding you like an angel. Maybe he's with his family. Maybe he's with his father in the after life. Maybe he... perished...

You never know.

You yawned, all this talk about the dead made you strangely tired. Perhaps it's because you don't have very many friends to actually hang out with, so you basically have a very normal and boring life. You laid down, thinking about what you're going to do out there in this world. Who knows...


> New character!

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