You stay in your room, shaking in fear.

You calm down after thirty minutes.

You then check the time.


You sigh, thinking of what to do. You see a book and grab it, then begin reading it.

You then see a phone on your bed, which was never there before. You grab it and see it has a listen.

"We will be sending the right pills to Eric, we seem to have sent him the wrong one. Yes, we know he has Schizophrenia...yeah Mental Illness, we know. We'll send him the right ones, we're truly sorry."

You don't believe a single word that is on the phone, you just sit down and before you know it, someone bursts down the door and has a syringe in their hand. They grab you and inject the syringe into you, you slowly loose consciousness and fall to the ground.

Night Three.

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