aka Ellen

  • I live in somewhere
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is gaming, music, wikis
  • I am a demigirl
GKkybMI.gif            9KXpbPy.gif


Welcome to my message wall!

Here you can:

  • Strike up a conversation
  • Report a rulebreaker
  • Be Rebun (Only Rebun himself can do this, btw)
  • Share headcanons
  • Talk about Touhou (Tenshi's my waifu. Mien.)
  • Ask what the staff do when they're bored


Q: I was banned! How come?

A: Check your Message Wall or Contributions.

Q: Why did you remove my message on -insert thread here-?

A: It was bait, spam, harassment, or something else which I saw fit to remove.

Q: Weeaboo.

A: Okay then. Idc.

Q: Who are the characters in the above GIF?

A: Tenshi Hinana(w)i and Suika Ibuki. Both originate from the Touhou series.

Q: *insert random flame here*

A: Can't help ya here. Sorry, bud.

Q: Why all the Touhou?

A: Because I can.

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