Professor Pericles & Entity's Backstory Edit

Since the aftermath of the Post-nibiru invasion on Crystal Cove, They'd though that the 2 duo were completely destroyed by Mystery Inc. Although the Post-nibiru is now over on their world, but remnantof the Evil entity's disciple were remains at large. Caprius, The former student of the Entity, have retire from Star-Swirl the Bearded's teaching and apparently raises 3 newborn baby girl blessed with each dawned Scarlet jewel necklaces and named them, Adiago, Aria, And Sonata. Meanwhile, He'd decipher an ancient code of portal that'll boast out of his old master and pericles out from the inside---which exactly instantly it working as expecting! This time they're free and they're secretly now on Equestria World:Home of Princess Twilight Sparkles! Where they've assemble some of the most dangerous foes that the ponies ever truly faced in one room. Led by the government. Funded by Professor Pericles and the Entity and their new breeds of Ponies. Fueled by the hidden enemy. The mission: Find Obtain/ take down Equestria ponies.

Professor Pericles and Entity on MLP? Edit

Professor Pericles and the Entity appearance on My little Pony Fim is quite appealing since his affair on The Crystal Cove conspiracy of which he and his boss had swirl themselves down toward to the portal.

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