Credit to King for the idea, and all the other dictionaries.

[Typing with capitalization and punctuation].My normal way to type everywhere, now including chat.
[Typing with punctuation but no capitalization].I'm too lazy to press the shift key and I wanna be serious/I'm really stressed out.
[Typing with no capitalization or punctuation].Fuck grammar/I don't feel good.
[Typing with really jumbled/spaced out letters].I'm laughing too much/I'm having an attack.

...I'm offended, or hurt.
sHIT/SHITAnother variation of me fucking up.
[Insert random weird lenny]I'm bORED AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.
W0tY0u w0t m80?
i dON'T KNOOOOWWhenever I can respond to something with "I don't know"

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